Our Company

Yazhou Huangjin is renowned for its high technological prowess in metallurgical processing, deep underground block caving, and exploration. Our goals include developing workforce diversity, operating and developing mines in accordance with sound environmental, social, and governance practices, building and maintaining solid relationships with our communities and governments, and creating an environment where everyone can leave work safely and in good health.

Our Code of Conduct, Corporate Governance Framework, and extensive set of company policies all serve to prevent improper and unjustified behavior, including fraud, bribery, corruption, discrimination, and abusive behavior. They also state our position on safety, health, human rights, the environment, communities, security, diversity, and inclusion.

The vision, principles, and corporate culture of Yazhou Huangjin are fundamentally based on diversity and inclusiveness.

Our Vision

To be the Miner of Choice:

  • Recognized in our communities and by our people;
  • Widely respected by our clients, partners, and suppliers;
  • Honoured by our proprietors.

Our Mission

Creating a more robust Huangjin Yazhou.

Our Purpose

Building a better future for communities through safe and responsible mining.

Our Horizon

Innovation, teamwork, and an owner's philosophy.

Our Goals By 2025

We support the following sustainable business practices:

  • No fatalities or permanently disabling injuries
  • Top decile Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate
  • Non-repeating Safety Performance Indicators
  • Reaching our goals for water efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

We employ the most experienced personnel:

  • Top decile Organisational Health
  • Highest percentage of industry diversity metrics
  • An increase in Organizational Health inclusion metrics year over year
  • Internal candidates make up at least 50% of our appointments

We excel as operators in the following ways:

  • Regularly meet or exceed the budget
  • Ensuring performance according to industry benchmarks and technical limits
  • Top quartile Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • No significant unforeseen operating disruptions

We are an industry leader in terms of innovation and creativity:

  • No significant unforeseen geotechnical events
  • Innovation-driven reserve increase
  • Increasing operational effectiveness and improved sustainable action

Our Values

Concern for People

Respecting our communities, the environment, and people's health and safety.

Integrity and Responsibility

Complying with our commitments and acting responsibly.


Having common objectives and supporting one another in achieving them.

Innovation and Problem Solving

Defying the norm and coming up with better solutions.

High Performance

Striving for excellence in both ourselves and others.

Our Assets

A low-cost, long-lived mine is owned and operated by Yazhou Huangjin. With current gold reserves equivalent to more than 25 years of production at current rates, our reserve and resource base is considerable.

For vast ore bodies, Yazhou Huangjin employs a number of effective mining techniques, as well as selective underground mining procedures to maximize high-grade epithermal deposits and porphyry deposits.

Our Principles

As society’s expectations of the mining and metals sector change, so do our mining principles. They outline the standards for good practice in terms of environmental, social, and governance through a comprehensive set of performance expectations and accompanying position statements on several critical issues confronting the sector.

Yazhou Huangjin's mining principles seek to maximize the benefits of the industry to host communities while minimizing negative impacts to effectively manage issues of concern to society. They do this by incorporating strong site-level validation of performance expectations and reliable assurance of corporate sustainability reports.

Performance Expectations

Defining the environmental, social, and governance standards for good practice in the mining and metals sector.

Ethical Business

Implementing ethical business practices and reliable corporate governance and transparency mechanisms to assist sustainable development.


Incorporating sustainable development into decision-making and corporate strategy.

Human Rights

Respecting the rights of others as well as the interests, cultures, practices, and values of the people who work for us and the communities we serve.

Risk Management

Implementing effective risk-management systems and strategies that consider stakeholder perceptions of risk and are supported by solid scientific research.

Health and Safety

Constantly striving to enhance performance in terms of safety, physical, and psychological wellbeing with the end goal of no harm.

Environmental Performance

Enhancing environmental performance in areas including climate change, energy consumption, and water management.

Protecting Biodiversity

Participating in efforts to protect biodiversity and integrate land-use planning.

Responsible Production

Facilitate and support the systems and knowledge base for the design, use, reuse, recycling, and disposal of materials-containing products.

Social Performance

Improving social performance consistently, and helping the host country and its people develop socially, economically, and institutionally.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging key stakeholders proactively in discussions about possibilities and challenges related to sustainable growth, reporting results efficiently, and conducting independent performance assessments.