Dedicated individuals creating a leading global gold company

We are dedicated to creating a great business by offering all of our workers a stimulating, fulfilling, and enjoyable work environment. We want our employees to be a part of our ongoing expansion and to share our vision and values.

People and Culture

We confront several challenges as an industry, but one of the largest is finding and keeping talented people. Since we feel we have the proper collection of individuals who are committed to the ongoing execution of our strategy, we want working at Yazhou Huangjin to be the pinnacle of our employees' careers.

Our Approach

With a values-based culture and unambiguous expectations for behavior, Yazhou Huangjin strives to build a workplace where its employees feel informed, engaged, and have good working relationships with their leaders and coworkers. In line with this, we think that investing in our employees' professional development is essential to our success as a company and to ensure that their time at Yazhou Huangjin is a career high point.

As part of our people strategy, we put a lot of effort into developing exceptional leaders, enhancing capability across the company, and fostering an inclusive culture that makes the most of our diversity and enhances employee performance. Our goal is to establish secure work environments that uphold human decency, encourage welfare, and honor each employee's contributions. We make sure that our compensation policy is fair, encourages the production of high-quality results, and acknowledges the significant contributions made by our employees.

Diversity and Inclusion

Yazhou Huangjin is dedicated to fostering an environment at work that is welcoming and encouraging, a place where everyone can be completely themselves. A company that values diversity and inclusion will be more resilient and prosperous.

Improved diversity provides several benefits, including significant benefits to company culture and reputation, personnel attraction and retention, as well as enhanced stakeholder connections and business outcomes. We will continue to foster an accommodating and flexible work environment that helps individuals balance their obligations at home and at work.

Employee Engagement

People get the chance to let their leaders and team members know what is important to them through monthly optional employee engagement surveys.

Talent Attraction and Retention

Our business depends on talented individuals, therefore we make it a priority to find, entice, and keep people who share our values and are highly skilled. Our entire workforce has maintained high levels of retention. This is a result of the deliberate efforts made to draw qualified candidates to the company and the creation of an environment where they want to remain, grow, and produce their best work.

Training and Education

A significant amount of training is provided to workers to help them develop the skills they need to reduce the risk of health and safety events, comply with regulations, and better understand their environmental obligations.

Graduate Program

A strong and interesting recruitment and selection process helps us deliver diversity and equality in our graduate talent pipeline.