Business Practices and Philosophy

The governance policies created by Yazhou Huangjin's executives and directors serve as the foundation for the company's corporate culture and operational procedures. Since the governance policies are crucial to managing Yazhou Huangjin's business operations and ensuring the company's long-term performance, they are thoroughly researched from its inception.

Executives and directors of the company hold the same belief that the company's success depends equally on positive financial, social, and environmental performance. The management team at Yazhou Huangjin is dedicated to sustaining strict environmental, safety, and social standards while concentrating on achieving the expected financial development for the company's stockholders.

Our Commitment

Yazhou Huangjin's reputation for exemplary corporate governance and responsible business practices underpins its performance as a business, both in the public markets and the communities where it currently operates. The management team at Yazhou Huangjin has established a solid name in the sector for managing businesses and projects to the highest standards while being steadfastly committed to governance, responsible mining, and open communication.

Performance Evaluation of Corporate Responsibility

While corporate responsibility guides many of our actions, it is rooted in health, safety, the environment, and community relations, which are referred to as our First Priorities in Yazhou Huangjin. In all of our safety and sustainability policies, we have identified leading and trailing performance indicators against which we evaluate our performance.

The direct connection between First Priority performance and compensation, particularly short-term compensation, is a pillar of our corporate responsibility management approach. Our performance in the First Priorities is tracked and reported as part of our Corporate Responsibility Performance Metric (CRPM), which combines particular key performance indicators in health and safety, the environment, and community relations. This includes everything from our operations and projects to Yazhou Huangjin's Senior Leadership Team.

Managing Environmental, Social and Governance Risks

It is our responsibility to control and lessen any risks that may result from the conduct of our business. Our commitment to "Do No Harm" at all stages of the mine life cycle and at all of our sites is ingrained in our safety and sustainability policy. It directs our company as we take proactive steps to identify, stop, or reduce any hazards that might result from our mining activities. Precautionary thinking is essential to our commitment to responsible mining across all of our operations and projects, and it is supported by our enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) strategy.

Ethical Conduct

We operate in compliance with the regulations and uphold the highest standards of business conduct and ethics in all of our operations and we demand the same from those with whom we interact.

Human Rights

Yazhou Huangjin's commitment to upholding human rights is reflected in all of our actions through the following principles:

  • Our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact;
  • Our dedication to defending human rights in the workplace and throughout the community in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • Our company values and Safety and Sustainability policy;
  • Our commitment to aligning with the Voluntary Principles for Security and Human Rights;
  • Yazhou Huangjin Code of Business Conduct and Ethics;
  • Our Supplier Standards of Conduct;
  • Our internal standards for project permitting and consultation, our labor regulations, and our Corporate Responsibility Management System (which covers health and safety, environment, and community relations).

As part of our Human Rights Adherence and Verification Program, all of Yazhou Huangjin's security personnel receive training on a regular basis.

Supply Chain

Yazhou Huangjin takes measures to make sure that our suppliers share our dedication to ethical behavior and corporate responsibility. All suppliers are required to comply with the Yazhou Huangjin Supplier Standards of Conduct (SSC), pledging to conduct their business ethically, in accordance with all applicable regulations, and in accordance with the tenets of the United Nations Global Compact regarding respect for human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. Our supply chain consists of businesses that provide us with the fuel, tools, chemicals, and other consumables we need, as well as the catering, transportation, and other services we need to run our business.

Public Policy

Our operations are carried out within the political and legal frameworks of our host regions, from exploration to building, operation, and closure. In the regions where we operate, our projects and facilities have the potential to have a substantial impact on the economy, society, and government.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics establishes rules for civic engagement, including campaign funding, across the whole Yazhou Huangjin business in order to manage our government relations and potential issues. Our dealings with governments must be aligned, coordinated, and compliant with our Code, policies, and all relevant regulations.

Tax Transparency

According to the tax regulations of the jurisdictions where we do business, Yazhou Huangjin is liable to a series of taxes. We adhere to the letter and the spirit of the tax laws and regulatory structures in these jurisdictions, and we are dedicated to transparent reporting on tax matters, in keeping with our commitment to ethical conduct.


Putting people first entails not just creating a workplace where health and safety are always prioritized, but also ensuring that our company's employees have satisfying and fulfilling careers.

Workplace Health and Safety

One of our major goals is to ensure health and safety for our people, including our partners, contractors, and suppliers. Thus, we can

  • Foster an environment in which health and safety are never, ever compromised;
  • Publicly promote health and safety policies and guidelines;
  • Honor and reward exemplary conduct in matters of health and safety;
  • Assure that all personnel and subcontractors are knowledgeable and capable of carrying out their tasks safely;
  • Engage certified industrial specialists to perform routine risk analyses of potential health problems at each unit;
  • Measure, monitor, and report health and safety performance;
  • Involve staff in creating and implementing health and safety systems and initiatives;
  • Promote a culture of reporting and responsiveness to make sure that occurrences and problems at work are recognized and addressed.

Inclusion and Diversity

Our workforce originates from a diverse range of traditions, customs, and cultures because we have operations and representations in different areas. In order to value, respect, and foster our diversity, our Chief Executive Officer and leadership teams are dedicated to fostering inclusive workplaces. We firmly believe that the rich diversity of our workforce contributes to the success of our company. To that end, we bring together people from various backgrounds and give them the chance to add their special talents, life experiences, and viewpoints to the work we perform. We work hard to attract, keep, and develop staff members in a way that values diversity.

Employee Development

We offer our employees access to a variety of training and development programs in line with our key values of Putting People First and a High-Performance Culture. We provide our staff enriching possibilities for personal growth through our leadership program, the exchange of best practices, and initiatives to improve skills, technical knowledge, and professional competency. We continue to improve employee productivity and engagement because those are crucial elements of Yazhou Huangjin's overall success. To support our operations, a wide range of development opportunities are provided to our workers. Our learning management system is provided by Yazhou Huangjin through diversified resources devoted to enhancing leadership and employee development.


One of our company's most significant economic and social achievements is the creation of jobs and meaningful potential for individual development. In order to provide these advantages, we must make sure that employee compensation is reasonable, competitive, and effective in luring and retaining the top people. Our employees are compensated over the standard living wage in each of our jurisdictions. Additionally, we ensure equitable remuneration for comparable work.

Labour Rights

We agree with the International Labor Organization's (ILO) Core Principles, which call for the prohibition of all forms of child labor, the freedom of organization, the effective acknowledgment of the right to collective bargaining, and the elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation.