High Performance, Innovation, and Integrity

Yazhou Huangjin is a well-financed, multi-asset mining company. The business is moving forward with expansion plans that will significantly boost production in the near future.

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Gold, copper, and silver are essential in our everyday life; in fact, while you read this on your computer screen, you are using them.
Investing in Gold
Gold is a valuable and strategic asset. Due to its high liquidity, lack of credit risk, limited access, and lack of liability, it has historically maintained its value throughout time.

The Mining Process

Our company's success depends on discovering additional mineral reserves. These natural resources are found, extracted, and processed over a period of years and the process inquires complex scientific, environmental, and social planning. The goal of Yazhou Huangjin is to develop a mining company that is safe, responsible for the environment, and socially conscious.

Operating a Mine

We employ strict controls when running a mine to stop or lessen any negative effects on the environment. Our environmental management systems are created to ensure that all environmental factors, such as management, monitoring, maintenance, training, and action plans, are integrated into a larger framework and are a crucial element of mining operations.

The Fujian Project

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High Quality Project
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Project Description

The gold mine is owned and run by Yazhou Huangjin, an international gold mining business with its headquarters in the People's Republic of China. The Fujian Project is a mixed open pit and underground gold mining project that started operating in 2015.

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