Why Invest with Yazhou Huangjin?

Yazhou Huangjin is a viable gold producer with a solid business model and dedication to ethical mining, making it an appealing investment prospect.

Attractive Value Investment Opportunity

  • Strong production profile, proper working strategies, and alluring capital return predictions making it a compelling value prospect;
  • A low-cost, long-lived mine owned and operated by Yazhou Huangjin, with current gold reserves equivalent to more than 25 years of production.

Effectiveness and Flexibility

  • Being in a strong position to finance a variety of mining and expansion projects;
  • Projecting a sizable free cash flow between 2022 and 2025.

Striving to Be a Leading Gold Producer

  • A sizable producer of pure gold with long-term aspirations for a diverse portfolio of mines and development initiatives;
  • Strong production profile over the upcoming years.

Technically Skilled Operator

  • The industry's best safety records, with reportable damage rates comparable to those of low-risk, non-industrial sectors;
  • Developing a strong culture of continuous improvement to achieve operating efficiencies;
  • Possessing significant operating experience while working in both open pit and underground mines in different geographic conditions.

High-Quality Projects

Our portfolio of excellent development projects and upcoming possibilities is continually being expanded:

  • The Fujian project's value-enhancing initiative provides enticing profits, higher production, and lower expenses;
  • By the middle of 2023, full production capacity is anticipated;
  • High potential to provide Yazhou Huangjin with attractive all-in sustaining costs to support its long-term production profile;
  • High-quality, open-pit project that will certainly develop;
  • Positive assay findings confirming the deposit's potential for world-class production;
  • Our exploration effort is concentrated on high-quality brownfield opportunities within the current footprint of our mines and has a proven track record of extending mine life.

Industry Pioneer in Sustainable Mining

  • Among senior gold peers, ESG performance routinely ranks well;
  • Planning to reduce scope 1 and scope 2 GHG emissions by 30% per ounce produced by 2030 and to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050;
  • Through purchases, taxes, wages, and community support, the host locations will significantly profit financially;
  • The company kept its high rate in line with its five-year average by recycling 80% of the water consumed on site.